Our Values

Having left behind half a century, Elvan continues to grow and develop both in Turkey and around the world. The corporate values of our company, which becomes even younger as it expands and focuses on even bigger goals, can be summarized as the following:

  1. Emotional Stability: As a general form of behavior, when the market is good Elvan tends not to expand more than necessary and when it is bad, it has not withdrawn itself and isolated itself from the rest of the market. When the general economy is good, it always preserves the precaution that things might become worse, and in times of crisis it has always been optimistic that the situation will eventually improve. This approach ensures Emotional Stability for Elvan.
  2. Growth Through Equity Capital: With emotional stability, Elvan refrained from virtual growth and reinforced its equity capital, and it felt the advantages of this particularly during times of crisis when its competitors tended to shrink and it has achieved growth around 35% with its structure that prioritizes equity capital.
  3. Focusing on Innovation: With a decision taken during the meeting of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Evaluation and Monitoring Commission on 27.09.2012, Elvan has been granted with a Research and Development Center Certificate. As a result, Elvan has become the first company to establish a Research and Development Center within its sector. The center in question enabled Elvan to focus on innovation and innovative activities, while the increasing customer satisfaction and rapid growth levels were what it received in return. In 2013, having been awarded with the Innovation Award given by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) also confirms that it is on the right path.