Elvan Corporate Group’s leading brand Elvan’s foundations were first laid in a small candy store in Istanbul, Zeytinburnu in 1952. Chocolate artisan Ahmet Hamdi Kadiroğlu and his son Mustafa, who has been selling candy in trains since he was little, opened a small store in Zeytinburnu and this store grew rapidly when their expertise in production was combined with their skills in sales: First it has become a production atelier, then it turned into a chain of factories. From chocolate to wafer, from candy to jelly and from cakes to croissants, Elvan carries out production of a wide range of products and markets these products to global markets while continuing its journey with determination to get one of the first rankings within the Candy Industry Global 100 list, which lists the world’s leading confectionery companies.

Photos from 1952, Istanbul Zeytinburnu