Recruitment Process

Recruitment and appointment

Personnel employment is carried out depending on norm staff analysis for all departments and personnel needs are then included within the annual budgets. The new positions that will become available shall be determined through the norm staff analysis,

Staff shall be determined upon the calculation of workload and work power and as a result of the work analysis that will be conducted by the Human Resources Management upon a recommendation by the relevant departments. Together with each year’s budget, annual personnel positions (these positions will indicate the number of staff needed for each title and professional status) shall be presented to the approval of the General Management, taking into account the work volume and the requirements in a form that will allow comparisons with the previous year. Following the approval of the general manager, Human Resources Manager is authorized with respect to the personnel that will be recruited within one year.

Changes within the current staff or cancellation of staff as well as the need for more personnel depending on the changes other than work, shall become effective upon an offer forwarded by the Human Resources Management and the approval of the General Management as well as the relevant units. Without a staff approval, personnel requests and appointments cannot be made.

Recruitment criteria are as the following;

Embracing the Main Competences of Elvan Gıda:

ELVAN GIDA expects its employees to embrace the company’s main competences.

The company’s main competences can be listed as the following

  • Customer Orientation
  • Aptitude for Team Work
  • Innovativeness
  • Result Orientation
  • Effective Problem Solving Skills

Embracing the Main Values of Elvan Gıda;

Embracing the corporate culture, disseminating this and making sure they continue,

What are these values; respect-love, diligence, devotion, being complacent, modesty, honesty and loyalty, being people oriented, respect for local and cultural values  

Technical Conformity:

ELVAN GIDA has determined certain technical criteria for each position. The candidates are evaluated depending on their foreign language skills, education levels, work experience, knowledge about the job, computer skills and the competence to use the required equipment depending on the department they are applying for.

Methods we use during the job recruitment process:

Competence Based Interviews: Based on the candidates’ behaviors when faced with certain problems or their past work experience, we aim to determine their competence levels and their suitability for the job. Including the blue-collar positions, we use the competence based technique for all of the positions that we open.

Classic Interviews: Particularly for our blue-collar positions, in order for our candidates to express themselves more comfortably, we apply a classic interview technique. When deemed necessary, some interview questions that are based on competence may be asked during the blue-collar interviews.

Professional Knowledge Tests: We mainly use these for technical knowledge and expertise departments. We evaluate the candidates that we determine in accordance with the job requirements and the university graduation criteria provided within the job posting, by giving them an opportunity to use the tools and equipment they have to use for the job.

Candidates may apply through 3 different sources.

Applying Online: Candidates may apply through the company candidate database or through the career portal “Yenibiriş.com” which has an agreement with our group.

Internship Opportunities:

Elvan Academy: 20 interns from the summer term interns shall be selected so that they can be trained for 10 days by the intercompany trainers. They will complete a 10 day practical internship.

Summer term internship: We provide internships for university students. If there is a staff requirement within the department where the intern completes his/her internship, we make a job offer otherwise the resume is kept in the archives so that it can be assessed later if there is an available position.

High school intern: We do not accept high school interns as a principle. 

Training activities

With the purpose of aligning the knowledge levels and the skills of the personnel working at the company with the development of technology, it is necessary to have these personnel trained through training programs organized both within the company and outside the company on a continuous basis. Throughout the year, training requirements may change and they may be revised.

Trainings shall be provided by certified trainers for the adaptation of the new employees, the determination of training needs in accordance with the developing technologies, position changes and the application of new management techniques.

Career Management

Certain activities shall be carried out within the scope of the procedure with the purpose of increasing work performance as a result of high education levels and career opportunities, satisfying the employees and ensuring their commitment and loyalty and determining the needs related to individual training and development. Our company carries out vertical-horizontal career planning as well as towards the center.

There are hierarchical steps comprising of 8 grade structures.

Vacant Positions

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