Extend the Fun with Jelaxy!
An increasing trend around the World, liquorice products are nowavailable for you with the brand Jelaxy … Then ewcolorful Jelaxy series, which have different fruit flavours and thousands of funshapes, will change your daily mood :)
Anytime You Are Hungry
The world famous savor croissant is now with you at all times with Today! Now the irresistible taste of the layers of fluffy dough is together with seven different custard/sauce alternatives, which provide a choice for every taste!
Ona Kek Deme Snowball De
Yumuşacık keki, havalı kreması ve Hindistan cevizi parçacıklarıyla “Lezzeti Bol Adı Snowball”
  • 08 June 2014

    Elvan Intelligence Club, which is a first among the corporate world in Turkey, has organized a Science Workshop in Torium Shoppi...

  • 28 May 2014

    Elvan Group’s President Hidayet Kadiroğlu appeared as an on-air guest of Ali Çağatay’s program that aired on Bloomberg HT channe...

  • 26 May 2014

    Turkish Exporters Assembly published its report for “Turkey’s First 1000 Exporters". According to the report in question, Elvan...

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